Realist's Retirement

Sep 30, 2015

One of the challenges of racing horses is finding them the perfect home upon retirement and we are pleased that we have caring owners in our stable who ensure that a great second career awaits.

Such as Karin MacNab who, with John Olle, bred and raced the talented Realist who unfortunately had to be retired having won three of just 13 starts.

Incurring a fracture at the bottom of the cannon where it joins the fetlock joint, Realist was operated on, the fragment realigned with a couple of screws holding it in place.

And so his racing career was over and the search for a new home was on.

With her many Facebook racing friends, Karin put out feelers and it was through Janine Courtney, daughter of legendary trainer Brian Courtney, that she came across Cathryn Colley Stewart and Colley Farm in Pomona, NSW.

And a more perfect home Realist could not find, the six-year-old making an immediate impression on his new carers who are already well and truly smitten with him!

"He will be pampered and well loved," Cathryn said, adding that Realist has important work to do - to be a friend to troubled teenagers and adults.

"Horses are wonderful with people who find it hard to express their feelings," she said, "but many of these people never have the chance to get close to horses."

Cathryn faces her own battles with health and attributes Realist to "helping me a lot, he gives a lot of love."