Behind The Scenes 6 - Ultrasounds

Aug 16, 2017

Once diagnosed with a particular muscular issue by our physio Lindsay Elliot, one treatment we are happy to use is therapeutic ultrasound.

Shown to increase blood flow and speed up healing rates, ultrasound is an easy and efficient method of therapy.

"We use the ultrasound machine for certain types of muscular problems," Michael Kent said.

"It is not something we use daily but it is there for when an issue arises and has proven to be very effective when needed."

"You certainly see a positive outcome after a few sessions."

Studies have indicated that ultrasound treatment can reduce localized swelling and inflammation and even promote bone healing and break down scar tissue. The intensity of ultrasound can be adjusted depending on individual requirements.

Ultrasound waves pass through the skin, causing a vibration of soft tissue which causes a deep heat although no such sensation is felt by the patient. In fact it is a pleasant sensation - "the horses really seem to enjoy it," Kent said.