Behind The Scenes PART 4 - Ethan Brown

Jun 28, 2017

The life of an apprentice is not an easy one, especially when a young man's career is being forged so far from home and family.

Such as with Ethan Brown who is the first to admit that things did not come easily to him when he moved to Melbourne from Alice Springs a couple of years ago.

"I had just turned 16 and I did struggle," he said... quick to add however that "it's all good now!"

Enjoying the competitive world that is Victorian racing, Ethan - who kicks off his working day at 5am riding track work and trials before sitting down with Michael Kent to go through replays - is one of three of the stable's apprentices riding in great form.

The trio - Ethan, Jake Bayliss and Beau Mertens - currently live together in Cranbourne, an arrangement that Ethan says suits them all at this stage of their careers.

"We all get on well, we feed off each other and of course we all enjoy each other's successes," he said.

Making his way to Melbourne originally in order to gain the amount of trial experience necessary to be permitted to ride in races, Ethan ended up on one of the Kent horses and it took off from there.

"A few months went by and I was set to go to another trainer in country Victoria but he pulled the pin at the last minute. Then the opportunity arose with Michael Kent."

"I have not had much to do with other trainers but I reckon Mick is one of the best."

"As a mentor he is very encouraging, he can be critical but always for a reason."

"He can get your confidence up without you even realising how he is doing it!"

That confidence is of course a major factor for any athlete and Kent knows that it comes with experience and maturity... and he is keen to allow Ethan every opportunity to blossom.

"He has a good head on him, he has that rare patience in a race to bide his time and not panic."

Whilst not rushing Ethan through his claim, Kent has been giving the young rider opportunities on nice horses and it is great to see him in form - since last Friday three winners from just seven rides!