Behind The Scenes PART 2 - Dr Lindsay Elliot

Nov 15, 2016

Whilst undergoing his veterinary training Dr Lindsay Elliot was often told that such left of centre treatments as chiropractic and acupuncture were not relevant in the horse world.

But something about both interested him and when the opportunities arose to study them he was first in line. Fast forward a couple of decades and Dr Elliot is one of the most sought after equine practitioners in the state.

And we are very lucky to have his services.

Each Tuesday afternoon Dr Elliot spends hours with our horses, going over them with his skilful hands, searching for soreness and restriction.

There are, he says, a number of diagnostic points, or pressure points, in the horse's body, ones that allow him to pinpoint just where a horse is feeling pain or discomfort.

The cannon, the knees, joints, the hamstrings, ligaments - they all have those trigger points. Dr Elliot can place pressure on one such point on one side of the body and garner no reaction whilst the same amount of touch on the other side can see a horse shudder in response - a sure sign that something is wrong.

Problems that may not normally be noticed are picked up. Time and money is saved when an issue can be dealt with before it becomes more serious.

Promising filly Quilate during her most recent preparation is one example of Dr Elliot's work. She was not sore in work, not unhappy. However she just wasn't quite right along the back, the muscles not letting down the way they should.

But pressure on the right trigger points showed that she had a couple of minor issues that were easily treated and she was soon in winning form.

It can be difficult to read a horse, we all know they can't tell us where it hurts. But, says Dr Elliot, the signs are always there - "it's just that in the past we have not known how to read them."

"If you look hard enough," he said, "there is always a story."