Behind The Scenes PART 1 - our vet

Nov 10, 2016

Tuesday afternoons at the stables are particularly busy ones.

There's the usual routine, swimming for some, time on the walker for othersand a well earned pick of grass.

And whilst this is happening it is inspection day. Dr Stuart Vallance runs a knowledgeable eye over our team of equine athletes, checking for any issues that may have arisen since a race or a gallop and setting about to resolve them.

Aided by renowned chiropractor Dr Lindsay Elliot who initially identifies any problems, Dr Vallance is well aware that the smallest issue can have an adverse affect on performance.

"Racing is so very competitive," he said. "And your horse needs to be 100%."

There are more diagnostic tools than ever at a vet's disposal, such as video scope and bone scans. But it all starts with the old fashioned trot up, a particuarly skilled human eye adept at noting soundness - or a lack of it.

Upper respiratory tract infections are amongst the common afflictions affecting the racehorse. Dr Vallance does not think they are occurring at a greater rate than in the past but that trainers are now more aware of them.

"We are more likely to recognise it is an issue now," he said.

Michael Kent is delighted to be able to utilize the services of Dr Stuart Vallance.

"He is a vigilant hard worker who is committed to the well-being of our horses," he said.

"It is so important that each of our horses is in the best of shape to withstand the demands of training and racing and having a high class veterinarian as part of the team is vital."